Raw. Rustic. Refined.

Since 1927, we’ve interpreted farm-to-table cuisine in a uniquely Saskatchewan way. Our menu celebrates local produce, fresh ingredients and a dash of Canadian imagination. Circa 27 is always bustling, a place where Regina is discussed, celebrated, debated — all alongside unforgettable cocktails. It’s the best food and drink the Prairies has to offer. So join us at Hotel Saskatchewan’s signature lounge and take a seat at our table.

**Due to COVID-19, some hotel facilities or services may not be available to guests for a period of time**

Sunday Brunch

Brunch is a meal that allows for a little extravagance. And there may not be one better known for its bounty than the brunch in our Hotel Dining Room. Within our iconic surrounding, you will discover all your brunch favourites at our brilliant buffet. Make it part of your plans this Sunday.


A Fresh Batch Of Hooch

Hotel ‘Sask’ was built during the American prohibition. So every day at 5 o’clock, a brass train whistle is blown in Circa 27. A barrel of whiskey rolls out, a sample is poured for all our guests, and a toast is made: “Let us not forget the dark time and fallen heroes. Here’s to whiskey… Cheers!”

Mix It Up

The perfect cocktail is part imagination and part science. So we’ve combined chemistry with the mixological arts and take our drinks to the next level.

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